Product Manufacturing 

1. How do you sterilize your vials?

 We receive all of our vials from a US based manufacturer.  From there we're follow a rest procedure of bathing our vials in 100% alcohol then put them into our industrial grade autoclave.  We follow the same procedure with the rubber stoppers. 


2. Are your carrier oils really sterilized?

Of course!  We are the only company that provides a sterilized carrier oil on the market.  We sterilize the vials in the process above.  We filter the oil through a 0.22 micron filter then place the oil in the vials.  We bake the oil in the vials our autoclave again to insure sterilization before sealing them.

3. Do you do any sample checking?

Yes, we do.  With every batch of sterilize products (Vials or carrier oils) we take a sample to check the bacterial count.  If we don't see a zero, we throw it away!

Product Packaging

1. How are the vials packaged?

We pack all of our vials in small bubble wrap bags.  We usually can fit about 6 vials in one bubble wrap bag.  If the quantity is larger than 10 vials, we put them in a zip lock bag and wrap the bubble wrap bags in another layer of bubble wrap.

2. How is everything else packaged?

We use a similar process for all of our other packages.  We believe you can never use too much bubble wrap.  We want to make sure that your order gets to you in one piece!

Any other questions?  Let us know and email us at support@alphalabsupply.com


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